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Decorative Mesh General Introduction According to Materials Differences According to Specific Uses
Brass Decorative Wire Mesh

Woven Wire Fabrics for Decoration
Woven Wire Fabrics
Decoration Wire Mesh
Woven Wire Fabrics for Decoration

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Decorative wire mesh can be specially woven with super quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper or other alloy materials. Metal wire mesh fabrics are now catching the eyes of modern designers. It is widely used as curtains, screens for dining hall, isolation in hotels, ceiling decoration, Animal containment and security fencing, etc.

With it's versatility, unique texture, variety of colors, durability and flexibility, metal wire mesh fabric offers a modern decoration style for constructions. When it is used as curtains, it offers a variety of color changes with light and gives unlimited imagination.

Materials: Stainless steel, aluminium, copper, phosphor bronze, etc.

Aluminum metallic cloth is made of the sparking aluminium flakes in various colors. With the splendid decorative effect, they have applications for screen, divider , ceiling and window treatment etc at restaurant, hotel ,coffee bar.
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